Empowering artists to grow brands independantly.

We are a Nashville-based creative company dedicated to helping independent artists develop their music and content through operational structure and promotional consultation.

Our mission is to nurture artist growth by providing the necessary support and tools for success.

Brand Consultation

It's all about connecting with people. Your brand is the basis in which you connect. Let's define what it is and create a strategy to uphold it.

Audio Services

We're building music brands, your audio better be on point. We provide Recording, Mixing and Production services to keep you sounding crisp.

Visual Services

It doesn't just stop at the music. In today's landscape you need to have well thought out, brand cohesive videos to properly communicate and connect.

At Genesis, we believe in a personalized and collaborative approach to artist development. With our diverse team of industry veterans, we are committed to putting the artist first and ensuring their creative vision is correctly executed.

Are you feeling stuck with connecting to fans?

Are you looking to build and activate the brand of your dreams?